today was my first real day of lawyer school! which means i must quickly catch everyone up on the two week summer class i finished a week ago, since that was technically the start of everything.

legal method and reasoning was basically two weeks on acquiring the skills to understand law, without any pressure to understand any actual law. that said, here are some things i learnt:

1. you cannot sue a hotel because you got drunk there, left, and got hurt on your way home. my father is no longer permitted to yell about this whenever the subject of someone suing for their own stupidity comes up.

2. if there is a video of it from any source it will be allowed as evidence, even if you don’t think you are actually being interviewed. so don’t tell the police anything outside of an interview room, since at least there you know for certain it’s on the record.

3. a man can sue someone when his wife dies for loss of consortium. (look that word up, it’s homework.) back in the day, a woman had no reciprocal right to sue should her husband die. some states have said that a woman may now do so. some states have said the original law is crazy and they will not perpetuate it by extending it… but the man’s right still remains, as a part of the common law.

as you can see, we covered a wacky range of topics. and it was a stress-free way to jump into a new thing.

now semester one has actually started. principles of public law and torts was today, obligations and dispute resolution tomorrow. i’m predicting monday and wednesday will be more fun than tuesday and thursday.

except for this thursday, because justice kirby is speaking at lawyer school, and that will be amazing!




Let me just get this out of the way: 34℃ at 5pm is completely ridiculous! It’s hot and I want to die! Etc., etc., etc.

Tomorrow is orientation for lawyer school, and so rather than freak out I’m here to talk about the last couple of weeks.

1. Big Day Out. An admittedly lackluster lineup. But The Decemberists, in the sunshine with a tiny crowd, were well worth the price of admission. Lily Allen was interesting as a contrast to when I saw her a few years ago. The crowd was about 20 times bigger, and she was about 20 times more pulled together. Plus she did her Womanizer cover, so I was happy.

2. St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. I don’t know what it was like in previous years here, but the location with the number of people was perfect. And people can poo-poo about “Triple J listeners” all they want, but Mumford and Sons were amazing, and the crowd were – for the most part, don’t get me started about front row cutters – the most pleasant I’d encountered in a while. There was ample opportunity for things to turn ugly given the insane heat and the fact that the sound blew halfway into their set, but everyone was calm and encouraging. Not a single call of “bullshit”. Florence of -and the Machine thinking she was Xena for a moment was hilarious, and Sarah Blasko has learned the robo boogie. But it was hot, and there was nowhere near enough food vendors, and the markets were barely worthy of the name. Luckily it was a music festival, and the music was awesome.

3. Squash. Yes, I, AK, played a sport. And I wasn’t even terrible! Hopefully this will become a thing to counteract the hours I will be dedicating to sitting at my desk.

4. Bedouin Kitchen. Don’t go there if you want the certainty of food. Just… don’t.

That pretty much covers the out and about stuff. Mostly I’ve just been watching West Wing dvds. Just because I live in a whole new state now doesn’t mean I’m a whole new person. I still consider the trip to Officeworks yesterday to be the highlight of my week.

I’m back at work, and have visited the lawyer school, and collected reading material, and been back to Queensland for graduation, and to Adelaide for Christmas.

Seems like a good time to get back into this.

Lawyer school: big and scary looking! I think they are forcing us to become accustomed to big scary law firms. The reading material for one 2-week course is in a giant 4-ring binder with more than 500 pages. Yep. See you all in three years.

Graduation: I can now confirm that I do not look good in those hats. Not at all.

Christmas: Awesome. An excellent store of family time for the future lack thereof.

Imagine a world where Centrelink looks at context, and decides a specific course of action for you based on that context. This alone would possibly save a rain forest in pointless forms related to useless things.

Anyway! Melbourne! Still lovely!

One day when there is a decent public transport map, I may know my way around a bit better. As it is, the Car From The Future is rebelling against being semi-abandoned and was incredibly recalcitrant when I went on my journey to deal with bureaucracy this morning.

The highlight of a week full of great stuff was totally nerdy. I finally got myself the handful of blocks away to visit my shiny new university, and picked up the pre-reading textbook. I’m sure they picked this book for its ease of reading (and thus minimising the freak-the-1Ls-out factor), but it has managed to increase the already off the charts level of excitement.

It’s strange getting used to converted houses as businesses; the Gold Coast is 99% built for purpose. The things that are the hardest to get used to are the ones no one ever thinks about.

Since last week, I have also eaten in many new places. It seems kind of redundant to go through them all, because other than thinking Ladro’s pizza is high on obnoxious and low on delicious (seriously, Dominos pizza on gluten free base was superior) I’ve enjoyed everywhere I’ve eaten. But I absolutely have to mention N. Lee bakery on Smith Street. When the place is wall to wall full of people at lunch time, and appropriately staffed for such high numbers, you know you are on to a good thing.

This week I also played host for pre-dinner meeting up, and the posse got to meet Wilbur. He shook hands on command, and didn’t lick anyone. Instant hit! Then, like some kind of person who enjoys entertainment, there was some theatre. I think it finished its run, but Spontaneous Broadway was awesome because it had Julia Zemiro and unfortunate because it was full of racism. But in between the awful cultural parody it was quite funny, and I wish I had seen it on any other night with any other song chosen.

Next week, movie reviews, and probably more food related commentary. In the mean time, if someone would like to come over and find my copy of the last Harry Potter book, that would be awesome.

With the arrival of The Car From The Future* at 7am this morning, now seems like the time to get this show on the road. Pun fully intended.




Absolutely, the best thing about Melbourne, and specifically my current location, is the proximity of a vast array of places that will prepare food for me. In other words, the elimination of cooking from my skill set continues apace. Or perhaps the best thing about Melbourne is the close proximity of many people who will come eat with me.

A list:

  1. East Brunswick Club: $12 parma, but also sunlight streaming through the windows and blinding us at 7pm.
  2. Acland Cake Shop: Pies and pasties with pastry as thick as your finger.
  3. A bakery on Smith St. that we have dubbed Smith Hot Bakery, as there is no other signage that comes as close to a name: this is likely to be my regular lunch spot.
  4. Seasalt: the largest sushi rolls I’ve ever seen, and quite delicious at that.
  5. Grill’d: as tasty as the yuppie burgers were, it’s the chips I will be returning for.
  6. Arcadia: fried mashed potatoes! Scoring the last table inside for Sunday brunch was pretty sweet, too.

Also, cake from Ikea. Technically, I was there for a desk.

Other accomplishments for the week involve walking much too far along Lygon St., enrolling in lawyer school, and driving around four blocks this morning.

*aka my car. yes the capitalization of from is technically wrong, but if Gone With The Wind can do it to With, then i can do it to From.